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Pharo aims to cover every risk market.

Piloted with the Shiba Inu meme token, $SHIB cycles between stability and volatility.

Pharo rewards people who predict truth, who predict SHIB cycles.

Pharo pays people who use that truth, who risk their liquidity on predicted SHIB cycles.

$SHIB is only the beginning.

Traditional, Boomer, centralized insurance is fragile.

Blockchain insurance has been focused on "faster horses", same biz model with better administration.

New markets are hard to get started; Actuaries, investors, marketing, etc. are all big risks.

The Claims Process is still incentivized against the consumer.

Decentralized insurance requires decentralized markets.

Common knowledge means there's wisdom in the crowd, and it's legitimate.

Where there's wisdom there's a market, and $PHRO rewards fund discovery of that market's event rate.

Once discovered, $PHRO rewards are replaced by predictable premiums and LP profits.

Each market applies continuous $PHRO buy-pressure as premiums and liquidity require $PHRO.

Pharo Phorward

Pharo NFTs are beautiful, rare, and pay dividends!

After Shiba Inu, Pharo will expand into select Partner Applications.

Pharo will focus on self-service tools for Market Makers, who will split fees collected.

With a treasure trove of event rate wisdom, Pharo will become a foundation for new services.

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Strategic Partners

Crypto Taxes, shhhh!


Centurion Technologies

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